When it comes to choosing swimwear after mastectomy surgery, there’s no need to compromise on fit, style, or comfort. With the great selection of post-surgery swimwear available, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect piece that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

At A Fitting Experience, we know how important something like the right piece of swimwear can be in helping your personal recovery process. That’s why we aim to bring you the best brands and styles from retailers like MastectomyShop.com so that you can easily buy post-surgery swimwear online from the comfort and convenience of home.

A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven

Finding the right match of breast form and swimsuit is the ultimate key to keeping you worry-free at the pool this summer.

This means that your first step is to look for water-compatible breast forms or swim forms that are specifically engineered for swimming.

Swim forms, like standard forms, are typically made of silicone to allow for the closest possible weight, movement, and feel to natural breast tissue. However, swim forms also incorporate specific design elements, such as concave or textured backing that reduces drag in the water.

If silicone isn’t your preference, swim forms are also available in fabric microbead varieties that do not absorb water and are excellent choices for more active water pursuits, like swimming laps or water polo.

Prostheses pockets

For the women who already wear or plan to use swim prostheses, pockets are a must.

Prostheses bring symmetry back to your figure, and the bilateral pockets they fit in hold the forms in place. They can be used individually or together, allowing for full customization according to your reconstruction.

A good fit in the chest area of your one-piece is absolutely essential. This is because a tighter fit in the chest is what will keep your prostheses snugly against the wall of the chest when you lean or bend and not hanging loosely in your top.

Brands like top mastectomy designer Anita offer stylish designs with hidden bilateral pockets for breast forms.

Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps on your swimsuit

Adjustable straps on your swimsuit are just as important as pockets for keeping your silhouette streamlined in the water.

For many women, maintaining symmetry on either side of the body is a big concern. The shoulder straps of a swimsuit quite literally bear the burden of ensuring that each breast is the same size in your suit, whether natural or not.

If you need only a partial or one prosthesis, you will require more lift on the side of the natural breast. You may also find that your chosen forms swell in the water, even if a tiny bit, throwing off your symmetry.

Adjustable straps help you control the amount of support on each side.

Look for the little extras

Finally, don’t settle, find a swimsuit you like. Find one that complements your style and that you will enjoy wearing.

With the various chic one-suits available from top mastectomy brands like Amoena and Jodee, there is no need to buy a suit you don’t like because of a lack of options.

Many of the suites feature beautiful prints and smart designs, like strategic ruching or supportive paneling, at the front and sides for a flattering fit on all forms. High-necklines and underarm fabric conceal surgical scars while low cut backing adds a sexy surprise that is anything but frumpy.

Knowing where to go and what to look for is a big part of finding the right mastectomy swimwear. Our experts at A Fitting Experience are happy to help you go over your options and find the best fit for your body to help you enjoy the sunshine this summer.

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