After a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery, many women choose to use silicone breast prostheses to streamline their appearance and achieve a natural look. Post-surgery silicone breast forms help women confidently fill out their favorite clothing.

Post-surgery Silicone Breast Forms

Silicone breast form fit

The various types of breast forms fit the breast area differently, but each is manufactured to sit smoothly and seamlessly under clothing. Adhesive models adhere to the chest using
a special adhesive while other models fit perfectly in the pockets of most mastectomy wear.

Silicone forms mimic the weight and movement of natural breast tissue and even warm to your body temperature, making them the most natural-looking and feeling prostheses available on the market.

Triangular breast forms

Post-surgery silicone breast forms

Because of their natural bra fit, triangular prostheses are the most popular shape among women. Triangular breast prostheses typically work best for women who have had less breast tissue removed or for women who are looking to achieve a fuller look, allowing for more projection in a bra.

Teardrop breast forms

Teardrop Breast Forms

Teardrop-shaped forms are typically designed for use by women who lost underarm tissue and lymph glands during their surgery. They are thinner and have a more oval shape, which resembles a natural breast shape as it extends from the breast to the underarm on the side of the body.

Teardrop breast prostheses are very flexible. They can be worn in different positions according to the wearer’s needs, allowing for a fuller breast look.

Breast form styles

Triangular and teardrop breast forms are available in several different styles: weighted, lightweight, nipple style, rounded, and athletic.

Non-weighted prostheses are a good option for women in the recovery stage. These forms reduce the strain on your back and shoulders and do not pull on the sensitive, healing tissues of the chest.

Standard weighted breast forms become an option when the surgical site is healed, typically around six weeks post-procedure.

The nipple style and rounded forms can help you achieve a specific look according to your preference.
Other silicone breast form variations are specifically developed for swimming and sports and feature quick-drying and non-absorbent elements to keep you comfortable during various activities. Partial breast forms and shapes act as a push-up to even out asymmetry and afford balance post-surgery.

Silicone breast form care

Caring for your breast forms is simple, and most sets will include instructions for their care.
Silicone breast forms should be washed in the same manner as washing lingerie. Hand washing in lukewarm water with gentle soap or a breast care foam cleaner and then laying the breast form on a towel to dry is the most effective method.

Though silicone breast forms are very sturdy, they should be kept away from sharp objects to avoid damage. Powders and perfumes should also be kept away from the surface, as they may cause damage to the integrity of the silicone material.

Final thoughts

As with other post-mastectomy wear for women with breast cancer, working with a certified fitter, like those at A Fitting Experience, is the best way to get the right fit for your body. Expert fitters are also an excellent resource for helping you navigate the pros and cons of the many different styles and shapes of silicone or foam breast forms for sale online.

Whether you plan to wear them every day, for special occasions, or temporarily while awaiting reconstruction surgery, there is a silicone breast form option perfect for you.

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