There are various reasons why you might want to wear a regular bra rather than a mastectomy bra with your silicone breast forms. Perhaps you have a favorite bra you loved to wear before your surgery? Or maybe you think your insurance won’t cover a new mastectomy bra?

Although you can wear your breast prostheses with a normal bra, it won’t hold them as securely as a mastectomy bra can. However, there are a few tips that can help you feel secure and look your best.

The Best Way to Put on Your Regular Bra with Breast Forms

Although many custom made breast forms can be worn with regular bras, you have to be more careful with how you put them on. First, put your bra on as normal, but make sure the strap on the side (or sides) you wear a breast form are loosened, allowing a gap at the top of the cup. Then, pull the cup away from your body and gently insert the breast prosthesis from the top of the cup.

Once the form is inshttps://www.afittingexperience.comide, you can adjust it to sit comfortably, look natural, and match the other side. Once the forms are in place, tighten the straps to hold the forms in place. You may need help tightening the straps, particularly if you have a limited range of motion.

Keeping the Breast Prosthesis in One Place

Because regular bras do not have pockets to hold breast prostheses, they can shift around as you move. To avoid this, you can use double-sided tape or use self-adhesive breast forms (which are specially designed to stay still even if you are exercising) to stick the forms directly onto your chest wall. However, neither of these options is suitable for women who are less than a year post-mastectomy or are undergoing radiotherapy, as the adhesive can damage sensitive skin.

Before sticking the breast form to your chest, clean the area with an alcohol wipe and allow it to dry. Apply the tape to the breast form first, rather than your skin, then press the form to your chest for five to ten seconds to allow the adhesive to fully bond. Use mild soap and water to take the forms off at the end of the day. Always remember to remove the tape from the form. Keep them clean by hand washing them regularly and storing them in a specially designed case to help them keep their shape.

Finding the Right Fit

Whether you choose to wear a regular or mastectomy bra, finding the right fit is crucial. You may find that the regular bras you owned before your breast surgery do not fit anymore, even if your breast forms are the same cup size as your natural breasts.

  • The bra cups should completely cover the breast form.
  • The forms should completely fill the cup: make sure there are no gaping spaces or baggy cups.
  • The breast prostheses and any remaining breast tissue should not bulge out of the top, sides, or bottom of the bra cups.
  • The bra straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders.
  • The breast forms should be secure; they shouldn’t move about even when you are active.

The Best Regular Bras to Wear with Breast Forms

Various bra styles can work well with breast prostheses but, as a rule, it is best to stick to bras with a full cup as these offer the best coverage and support, particularly if you wear a weighted silicone gel breast form.

Because placing a breast form in a regular bra requires some adjustment of the straps to get the right fit and security, it is a good idea to opt for a bra with front-adjusting straps. It is also best to avoid bras that offer little support or coverage, such as balconette, demi-cup, or strapless bras.

The Benefits of Mastectomy Bras

After having a mastectomy, some women feel concerned that the mastectomy bras made to fit their breast forms will be dowdy, unattractive, or difficult to wear. This is one reason why some women choose to wear their forms with regular bras.

However, a huge variety of attractive mastectomy bras are available in different styles, from high-performance sports bras to sexy lace-trimmed bras. There are also many other benefits to bras made specifically for women who have had a mastectomy, and wearing these bras can help support your remaining breast tissue and improve your posture.

One of the main advantages of mastectomy bras is the built-in pockets, designed to keep your breast prosthesis secure and in place. This pocket bra can be worn with various breast forms, whether you have a partial, unilateral, or bilateral mastectomy.

Mastectomy bras are designed to hold breast forms securely. They are made with you in mind, offering features that make your life easier, such as soft fabrics that are gentle on sensitive skin and front fastenings, which are ideal for the first few months after surgery when your range of movement may be limited.

Get Professional Advice

Before you shop for bras after your mastectomy, it’s crucial that you find the right breast forms. The best way to do this is to get professionally fitted by an accredited service such as A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe.

Not only will our expert fitters help you to find the perfect breast prosthesis for your body, but they can also give you advice about any issues you may be struggling with post-mastectomy, including choosing bras and accessing health insurance. For more information, contact us today at (954) 978-8287.

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