Silicone Breast Implants

The decision to proceed with breast reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy or other type of breast cancer treatment can be a relief to many women. You want to get back to looking and feeling like yourself again as soon as possible, and this is one way to achieve that.

You still need to make a few decisions before proceeding, however. The implant type, shape, and placement are all factors to discuss with your plastic surgeon. While you have a choice in the type of breast implant you choose, many women select silicone breast implants for their numerous benefits.

What are Silicone Implants?

Silicone implants are a type of implant made with a silicone gel. The silicone shells are pre-filled before insertion and come only in a set number of sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Saline implants are filled after their shells are inserted into your skin, marking a key difference between the two implant types.

Another difference between silicone and saline implants is in signs of a rupture. Silicone implant ruptures are less noticeable and found during a doctor’s visit, while saline ruptures provide outward signs such as a deflated breast. To determine if a rupture has occurred, your doctor will most likely order an MRI scan.

The newest breast implants on the market, called gummy bear implants, are silicone shells filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel. These tear-shaped implants retain their shape better than any other type of breast implant. While they may cost slightly more than the traditional silicone implants, their overall appearance may be the better option for you.

There is no exact expiration date for implants. The average duration of both saline and silicone breast implants is anywhere between 10 and 25 years. Often, they are removed earlier due to cosmetic concerns or health complications.

Although the Food and Drug Administration deems silicone gel implants safe, they recommend you be at least 22 years old if breast augmentation surgery is for cosmetic reasons only. Those undergoing reconstruction are free to choose either saline or silicone implants, regardless of age.

Benefits of Silicone Breast Implants

There are reasons silicone breast implants are a popular choice for women all over the world. While saline may be more natural to the body, silicone provides the look and feel of real breasts, creating a confidence booster for many post-cancer surgery women today.

Here are three benefits of silicone breast implants and why they may be the perfect option for you.

1. Create a natural-looking breast

Natural Shape Of The Breasts

Appearance is a major concern of those recovering from breast cancer surgery. A woman’s breasts become part of who she is, and when these are removed or reduced, it affects her physically, mentally and emotionally. With the possibility of obtaining realistic-looking breasts again, reconstruction surgery is something hopeful to look forward to.

Silicone implants can create a more natural shape of the breasts, improving your overall appearance post-surgery. If you want to build confidence in your body again and avoid unnecessary staring, these implants are a great choice. Fatty tissue and silicone have a similar structure, so these implants can provide you with a more realistic appearance overall.

2. Feel more natural

Not only do silicone implants help your breast look more natural than saline, but they also make them feel that way as well. This is due to their texture and outer silicone casing.

Before your plastic surgery, ask your medical team to let you roll a silicone implant around in your hands. Squeeze it gently, then a little harder to feel how it moves and feels. You can visit specialty shop A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe to check out sizes, shapes, and the feel of similar silicone breast forms while exploring the other options available.

In addition, while silicone is firm, it can be reshaped by your hands then fall back into place when at rest, mimicking real, natural breasts.

3. Expect less wrinkling or rippling

Due to their silicone composition, these implants avoid excessive rippling or wrinkling and maintain their overall shape longer.

Rippling is the appearance of visible folds in the breast. Wrinkling is more of an issue for those women with the least amount of breast tissue to cover the implant. Discuss your options based on the breast tissue you have available with a board-certified plastic surgeon for the best results.

Overall, silicone implants provide an overall look and feel more akin to your natural breasts. Whether choosing them for reconstruction after breast cancer treatments or for aesthetic cosmetic surgeries, the shape, fullness, and size of your breasts can be enhanced, boosting your confidence practically overnight.

Essentially, it’s up to which implant type to choose based on your body and what you are most comfortable with. If your focus is on creating a similar appearance to your former body, consider this silicone option. These may come at a slightly higher price than saline implants, so check with your insurance to see if they are covered.

You deserve to look and feel your best. Make the choice most appropriate for you and get back to your life the best way you can. With silicone implants, you can conceal your surgical procedure and eliminate the self-consciousness that comes with it.

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