Labor Day comes with patriotic sentiment and patriotic colors. Afterward, if you follow the adage to never wear white after Labor Day, your clothing color palette goes through a shift. If you’re going through or have recently gone through chemotherapy, here are some of our top chemo beanies for your wardrobe both on and after Labor day.

Regardless of your recovery experience, it’s important to have articles of clothing that help you present yourself to the world in a way that feels as comfortable for you as possible. Whether that’s by using chemo beanies, mastectomy bathing suits, a post-surgical sports bra, or whatever else helps you feel comfortable and confident, finding styles you love is not only important but empowering.

Labor Day styles

First, here are some particularly patriotic head coverings. All have a stretchy, elasticated band which enables the wearer to slip them on and off without having to tie or adjust awkward ribbons or straps. This also makes them much less likely to snag on clothes or jewelry. Designed by cancer survivors, they make a beautiful and comfy alternative to other hats and wigs and provide you with a unique aesthetic.

All of the following beanies are easy to care for, as well. They’re machine washable, and we recommend that you lay them flat to dry.

1.Alexandria Beanie

This full-coverage beanie is an understated but beautiful navy blue, making it perfect for Labor Day and also suitable for everyday wear. Its stretchy elastic ensures a comfortable fit. Additionally, its navy blue can powerfully accentuate brown eyes.

2.Brooke Beanie

This beanie’s bright red color is incredibly patriotic–ideal for Labor Day–but it’s also perfect for later on in the holiday season. It would make an excellent holiday season beanie as well.

3.Emily Beanie

The Emily beanie features navy-and-white stripes. Not only is this suitable for Labor Day, but it can multitask as a summer beanie. Alternatively, bring it along to your next beach holiday for a tried-and-tested maritime style.

4.Rachel Beanie

This beanie is a softer, lighter blue. It fits subtly in with the patriotic holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July, but you can also save it for spring use as well. Its soft hue matches with a variety of skin tones and eye shades.

Post-Labor Day Styles

After Labor Day, styles turn towards darker, more autumnal and festive colors. Here are some styles to see you through the fall and the subsequent holiday season. Again, all of the following beanies have a stretchy band that lets the wearer slip them off and on with ease–no tying, no buttons, no straps.

1.Tanya Beanie

This golden-brown beanie is perfect for fall. Its ruched fabric gives it a casual, boho look that’s all it’s own. The unique color will especially accentuate green eyes.

2. Danielle Beanie

This beautiful, dark purple beanie is perfect for matching with brown-based, autumnal outfits as well as making a gorgeous piece for later on in the holiday season. It makes blue eyes pop!

3.Angelle Beanie

This ruffled black beanie is all class. Whether you want a beanie for everyday use, for a holiday party, or as an understated-but-classy Halloween party accessory, this is a lovely and feminine choice.

4.Susan B. Beanie

This ruffled, charcoal gray beanie is the ideal mix of fancy and casual. Whether you want to dress it up or down, it will serve you stylishly from immediately after Labor Day and through the winter season.


A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe offers a number of beautiful chemo beanies suitable for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a few options for your Labor Day picnic wardrobe or you’re searching for some longer-term holiday season solutions, these comfortable beanies are both unique and stylish. Contact A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe with any questions you may have by email ( or by phone on (954)-543-1262.

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