Easing back into your active lifestyle after having breast surgery can be more difficult than you might imagine. However, there are many different mastectomy swimwear options that not only look great and support any accessories you may need to wear, such as a prosthesis or a swim breast form, but also allow for an active experience in the pool, river, bay, lake, or ocean.

1. Amoena Tenerife Pocketed Tankini Swimsuit Set

7 Active Mastectomy Swimsuits You’ll Love to Wear

This sleek black swim set is made out of Xtra Life Lycra, which means it’s designed for long-lasting shape retention and fit and has high chlorine resistance. This design bonus, along with its anti-transparent lining in the full coverage bottoms, adjustable lingerie straps, flattering ruching in the front, and pockets on both cups for insertion of breast forms, makes it a smart choice for the active swimmer. It provides ease of comfort and freedom of movement for anyone who wears it.

2. Amoena Cocos One-Piece Mastectomy Swimsuit

This swimsuit is as versatile as you are! It comes in a flattering black shade with laser-cut woven detailing under the bustline. Its anti-transparent front lining will protect you from any unintentional incidences of sheerness.

If you’re looking for extra swim form security, the medium neckline of this suit isn’t too modest but still provides the support you need. If you want even more support and security, maybe for more rigorous activity, a horizontal strap can be added to the suit at the back to keep everything in place. The strap can be removed if desired.

This suit has incredibly soft pocketed cups as well, to create even more support and streamlined body shape.

3. LuisaLuisa Pocketed Bathing Suit/Leisure Bra

This versatile option is wonderful because when you’re not wearing it to swim, it can double up as a bra. The sewn-in foam cups provide extra support to any breast forms if necessary, and reviewers also say it’s great for wearing underneath another bathing suit with breast prosthesis because it’s supportive and also won’t get soggy in the water.

The possibilities are endless with this flexible and fashionable swimwear option.

4. Jodee Fun in the Sun Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit

Jodee Fun in the Sun Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit

This contrasting black and white suit from the maker of Jodee bras offers the additional protection of high neckline and armholes to secure breast forms as well as looking dramatic and sleek. The slimming front panel increases sleekness and makes this suit a great and supportive choice for any activity involving swimming.

5. Penbrooke High Neck Maillot Krinkle Mastectomy Suit

Available in a black or a deep teal color, this suit also has a high neck and ensures protection and security of breast forms. The hook at the back of the neck is easy to secure and unhook as well. Reviewers say it’s a great choice for people who love to swim laps.

6. T.H.E. 2019 Collection Draped Tank Mastectomy Swimsuit

This suit, which comes in a tropical hibiscus pattern or a more abstract neon design, is designed both to be flattering and functional. The patterned top matched with a solid bottom moves attention away from any uneven areas. The pockets on the side fit a breast form or symmetry shaper, whichever is necessary and best for your needs and lifestyle.

The higher scooped back, and the slimming lining in the front make this suit a must-have for getting in the water as well as lounging beside it.

7. T.H.E. 2019 Collection Shirred Girl Leg Mastectomy Swimsuit

This electric blue and black patterned beauty has pockets for breast and swim forms and has a flattering shirred front to accentuate your figure. The “girl legged” bottoms provide additional comfort for swimming long distances, climbing in and out of the pool, or any other rigorous water-based activity you might engage in. This suit will remain comfortable and cover you fully through it all!

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