After you have undergone breast surgery, it is paramount that your post-surgery bra provides the utmost support and comfort. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we offer a variety of bras that can lower your stress and anxiety as you recover. Our certified fitters are accredited by the ABCOP and are committed to your care and wellness. Here are six features of post-surgery bras that can improve your healing process.

1. Effortless Access to Treatment Areas

During treatment, having a bra that allows your physicians to access your treatment areas easily is very important. This design can save much time and reduce the amount of movement needed while you are recovering. There are many bras available that offer this function. Some have front-facing fastener hooks, Velcro straps to remove and put on your bra, and other bras are similar to a sports bra.

Post-Surgical Bras Online

The Ester Front Fastening Soft Bra provides a simple design that is accessible for you and your physician. With front fastening hooks, you do not have to struggle to remove and put on your bra. Not only will our other Amoena bras provide excellent comfort, but this particular bra’s front fastening hooks will prevent you from having to twist while your mobility is limited. This design may also assist you if your physician recommends that you do not reach behind your back or lift your arms over your head during the healing process.

The Ester bra is available in sizes 34 to 44 and in cup sizes A through DD and comes in two colors—white and black and grey

2. Underwire-free Design

During the healing process, your bra should provide a significant amount of flexibility. With your post-surgical bra, this flexibility may be best achieved through a cotton bra with adjustable straps and easy to access fastening hooks. An underwire can be harsh for many women, whether they are undergoing breast surgery or not, but in your case, because your chest may be swollen or sensitive, an underwire will be unable to provide the comfort you need.

A post-surgical bra that allows for various levels of compression may be the best choice for your recovery because as you continue to heal you may need higher or lower levels of compression

3.Moisture-Reducing Mesh Linings

To support your comfort, your post-surgical bra may come with mesh linings on the sides and back. These can wick sweat away, preventing moisture buildup as you move around during recovery. As the recommended time for wearing a post-surgical bra can range from three weeks to three months, breathable fabric will significantly increase your comfort.

4. Padded, Adjustable Straps

Most traditional bras have adjustable straps, but during your healing process, you may need extra support. Post-surgical bras are equipped with adjustable straps that can provide more lift or more compression. These adjustable straps give you the freedom to find your comfort level with ease. Many post-surgical bras offer extra padding to support your chest and shoulders to minimize pain.

5. Wide Underband

Wide Underband Bra

To support your recovery, many of our Jodee bras offer a wide underband that provides maximum comfort. The Jodee “Embrace” post-surgical bra which offers a 2 ¼” extra wide underband that guards against ride-up and slims your figure. In addition, it is designed to promote the look of traditional breasts through its fiber filled cups. The Embrace post-surgical bra comes in sizes 32 to 46 and cups AA through DD. You can purchase this bra in white, beige, or black.

6. Seamless Cups

For the utmost comfort, seamless cups are an excellent feature of post-surgical bras. They do not irritate the skin and are nearly invisible under your clothing.

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