Following mastectomy surgery, many women have the option to get breast reconstruction surgery. However, reconstructive surgery immediately after a mastectomy comes with an increased level of risk and recovery time that some women prefer not to endure.

If you decide not to get a breast reconstruction but still want to look balanced and feel comfortable, breast prostheses are an excellent alternative to reconstructive surgery. Understand your options with our helpful guide to breast prosthetics.


Which Breast Prosthesis Should I Choose?

Breast prostheses, also called breast forms, are specially designed to replace your natural breast and give you shape and definition. They can help you to wear clothes more comfortably and restore your self-confidence. Since all women’s bodies are different, breast prostheses come in a huge range of different shapes, sizes and materials to suit your needs.

Types of Breast Prosthesis

Breast prostheses can be grouped into two broad categories: foam and silicone. Silicone forms offer the weight and feel of a natural breast and are generally constructed of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel. Foam forms feature a fabric exterior and a fiber-fill interior. These are a more lightweight option and are best suited for exercise, sleep and can be worn immediately after surgery.

Breast Prosthesis Styles

The style of the breast form you choose depends largely on the type of mastectomy surgery you have had. Symmetrical breast forms are ideal for women who have had a standard mastectomy, while asymmetrical forms are better suited to women who have had a lumpectomy. You can also find partial forms or shapers to add volume to the remaining breast tissue after breast conserving surgery.

Different Breast Prosthesis Shapes

To choose your breast form shape, consider your cup profile and the shape of your body. If you have more volume below the nipple, then try a teardrop shaped form. Round forms are ideal for achieving a fuller overall cup profile, while triangle shaped forms are best suited to women with a wider chest wall and a shallower cup.

American Breast Care custom breast forms

How to Wear a Breast Prosthesis

Breast prostheses are designed to fit under your own clothes, and many styles can be adhered directly to your body with skin-friendly adhesive. However, for a more comfortable way to wear a prosthesis without the risk of slipping or shifting during the day, it is recommended that you purchase a selection of special clothes and undergarments.

Mastectomy bras are specially designed to hold your breast forms on either side of your body securely thanks to pockets sewn directly into the cups. A mastectomy bra is also made to support your remaining breast and is typically constructed from soft materials that are kind to sensitive skin.

If you love to spend time in the water but don’t want to risk losing a breast form while swimming, try a mastectomy bathing suit that also features mesh pockets for holding prostheses. Also consider getting swim forms which are prostheses designed for use in the water.

breast form For swimming

Find the Perfect Breast Prosthesis for You

Many women choose not to get reconstructive surgery due to the health issues it poses. Prosthetics offer a realistic and comfortable alternative that can give you the shape you want.

Sifting through the huge variety of breast forms and mastectomy products available is challenging. To find the perfect fitting breast forms for your body, book a professional fitting with a certified fitter at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe. Call us today on (954)-543-1262 to speak with our friendly staff about how we can help you look and feel your best.

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