If you’ve undergone surgery for breast cancer, whether a single, partial or double mastectomy, it can sometimes be a struggle to adjust to your new bra size. With many women unknowingly wearing the wrong size bra after their operation, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and unsupported.

By understanding your new body and breasts, you’ll be able to avoid the bra mistakes many women make after surgery. Read on for advice and guidance that can help you find the right size for you. From providing the best protection as well as making you feel attractive, you’ll be able to step out in confidence wearing a bra designed for your needs.

Not Going for a New Bra Fitting

If you don’t go for a bra fitting following your surgery and order a mastectomy bra in your pre-operation size, you could compromise your recovery. It is extremely important to purchase the correct size bra after a mastectomy, as they are specifically designed to support your recovery and protect your breasts. With this in mind, when going to a professional fitter or consulting an online fitting guide, ensure that you are aware of what makes the perfect fit:

  • The band size fits evenly and securely the entire way around your body.
  • The cup size is smooth, and the whole breasts or breast forms fill it, leaving no space at the top and not bulging out the sides.
  • The bra straps are not falling off your shoulders or digging into your skin.

Common Bra Fitting Problems

If you’ve measured your breasts and are still not feeling comfortable in your mastectomy bra, it could be because you are experiencing one of these common fitting problems:

The Band is Too Loose or Too Tight

The bra band is the most important element of assuring the right fit as it provides the primary source of support in a bra. A general rule to ensure you have measured this part correctly is to put two fingers under the band. If they fit snugly, you’ve found the right size. However, if you can pull the bra out further than this, you’ll need to try a smaller size.

It is also advised you fit the bra on the middle set of hooks. This gives the bra enough room to loosen throughout the day and allows you to tighten it as the elasticity wears over time. To check the band is secure enough, raise your arms. If there is little to no movement, the band is a perfect size.

The Straps Need Adjusting

Once your band size is correct, the straps can offer your breasts additional support. It’s important that you tighten the straps, so they don’t slide off your arms. However, avoid tightening them too much as you don’t want the straps to dig in and leave a pressure mark.

The Amoena Rita Soft Cup With Coolmax Pockets Bra is a perfect option. Not only does it offer firm control, but it also has adjustable straps, allowing you to alter until you find the perfect fit. The bra comes in a range of sizes, from a smaller cup to larger breasts. This functional yet attractive cone-shaped style of bra offers all the support you need.

The Breast Don’t Fill the Cups

If your breasts don’t fill out the cup, it means you have measured your breasts wrong. If you have excess or wrinkling fabric, it means the bra is too big and won’t give you the support you need. You should ensure that the top of the cup has a smooth line, and your natural breast or breast form sits snugly inside the bra and doesn’t spill over. If you notice parts of your breast flow over the cup, you should measure again and opt for the next size up.

Feel Supported and Protected

It’s extremely important to have the right fit when it comes to mastectomy bras. Avoiding these common mistakes and implementing these tips enable you to purchase the perfect bra for you. Feel supported, protected, and confident, and take on the world in your new mastectomy bra.

For more information, including custom breast form fittings, contact A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe at 954-978-8287.

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