Silicone Breast Implants After Mastectomy

Following mastectomy surgery, you may be wondering how to achieve a natural-looking bustline. You have a few options available to you, including breast prosthesis or breast reconstruction surgery.

Doctors often recommend a reconstructive breast procedure immediately after a mastectomy. However, many patients prefer to delay reconstruction and with a breast prosthesis. For this, an appropriate fitting is imperative to your level of comfort and confidence-building. The staff at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe can provide you with a personalized fitting with a BOC-certified fitter.

If you choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it is important to achieve the most natural look possible. Here are some considerations and general information about your breast implant options and how you can work with your plastic surgeon to get a natural bustline.

Types of Breast Implants

There are two different types of breast implants available, depending on your health and lifestyle needs.

Saline implants consist of a silicone shell inserted into the chest wall deflated, then slowly filled with saline solution until the desired volume is achieved. Saline implants are a safer alternative to silicone. If the implant leaks, the body naturally absorbs the sterile saltwater with no adverse health effects.

If you’ve had a single mastectomy, the advantage of this type of implant is that it can be filled just enough to match the size of your natural breast. On the downside, skin rippling will be more visible due to the texture of the implant.

Silicone breast implants are made using a silicone shell filled with highly viscous silicone gel. These implants provide a realistic look and weight to your breasts and feel natural to the touch. They retain their shape effectively as well.

Although considered safe by the FDA, silicone gel implants are at risk of leaks due to punctures. If the silicone runs into the chest cavity, the material can cause uncomfortable lumps that must be removed surgically.

One of the latest implant styles used in breast surgeries today is the Cohesive Silicone Implant, often referred to as “the gummy bear implant” due to the feel and consistency. The cohesive gel allows for a more anatomical, natural shaping and is not prone to leaks.

Implant Shapes and Sizes

The size and shape of your implant also play a role in how natural your breasts will look. Choosing a size too big for your body’s frame or a shape not suited to your body can make your body appear disproportionate.

When considering which size and shape to choose, leave behind the notion of cup size and specific measurements. Instead, look at the implant sizes, volume, and shapes available and how each one relates to your body. Consider your profile, including what shape and size will look most natural on you from the front and the side.

Implant Spacing

Implant spacing can make a subtle difference but can affect the over natural look of your new breasts. When implants are spaced too far apart, a slight gap may occur between your breasts that may seem out of proportion. Too little space in between the implants and your breasts and cleavage can appear overly artificial.

Your surgeon can determine spacing, but it’s an important factor for you to be aware of. The perfect spacing will depend partially on how you are shaped anatomically, such as your breast bone width. A top plastic surgeon will know how to factor these in to determine the best spacing for the most natural look.

Implant Location

With reconstruction or breast augmentation procedures, whether to locate the inserts over or under the pectoral muscle is another decision to make. Today, the most natural-looking and natural-feeling breasts are achieved by locating the implants under this muscle. In addition, you will be less likely to experience skin rippling or breast drooping as a result.

However, not everyone is a candidate for under-the-muscle placement. The implants’ location will largely depend on the amount of breast tissue you have or your breast size if you still have one or both natural breasts.

Talk to your surgeon about upper pole fullness. Upper pole breast implants create more volume above the nipple for fuller, rounder breast. This fullness creates added cleavage to give you a more youthful look.

Natural-looking breast implants can be a boon to your self-confidence. Discuss all your options with your board-certified plastic surgeons and let them know you want to go as natural looking as possible.

Post-Operative Wear

Compression bras

After your plastic surgery, you’ll want to care for your new breasts by wearing a firm compression bra. The targeted pressure prevents implant dislocation and stops the implant from riding up along the chest wall, giving you a lopsided appearance. Compression bras and vests also minimize swelling after cosmetic surgery and boost circulation to aid healing.

A front closure bra, such as the Anita Isra Front Closure Bra, is also beneficial as your range of motion may be limited for a few weeks after surgery.

Final Thoughts

If you’re unsure where to turn while deciding between a breast prosthesis or breast reconstruction surgery, visit us here at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe or give us a call at (954) 978-8287. If you’ve already had reconstructive surgery, stop in and shop our line of bras and sportswear to enhance your natural look even further.

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