Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your recovery after breast cancer. Aside from offering numerous health benefits, exercise can improve your mood and give you a much-needed boost of confidence. But it can be challenging to find fun activities to keep you active and motivated during the cold winter months. Here are the best indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy during winter after breast cancer surgery.

The Best Winter Activities While Wearing a Custom Breast Form

After your mastectomy surgery, it can take months before the muscles and connective tissue in your chest wall and arms fully heals. This can limit your range of motion and prevent you from enjoying some activities.

Low impact activity that focuses on your lower body is the best way to incorporate exercise back into your routine after surgery. Try these five low-impact winter activities which are ideally suited to do while wearing custom breast forms.

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1. Walking

Once you feel well enough to get up after surgery, walking is a great way to gradually introduce activity back into your daily routine. It offers light cardiovascular exercise which can improve blood flow and speed up your recovery.

Start with a short walk around your block to take in the crisp winter air and slowly build up your pace and distance. Try walking along local winter forest trails, or around your neighborhood. Avoid pushing yourself too hard which can increase your risk of injury and wear appropriate footwear to prevent slipping.


Despite being a more intense cardiovascular workout, snowshoeing is a more low-impact activity than walking. The snow forms a natural cushion under the snowshoe which absorbs the force of your body. Take along walking sticks stop you from falling and injuring yourself.

3.Fat Biking

Cycling is an amazing low impact cardiovascular exercise, and fat-tire biking is the ideal way to enjoy the sport during the winter. Fat tire biking uses specialized bikes with extra-wide tires, deep tread, and low tire pressure that are designed to grip on any terrain including ice and snow.

Fat tire biking can be as light or intense as you want it to be, depending on the trail and gear ratio you choose. It does not require any upper body movement aside from steering so you can enjoy cycling as soon as you get permission from your doctor.


When the weather is too cold to head outdoors, you can still enjoy the benefits of exercise with indoor yoga. Yoga offers a gentle way to stretch and boost blood flow to your upper body without discomfort. Many of the poses can be modified to suit your level of mobility, and you should avoid pushing yourself to try hyperextended or inverted poses before your body is ready. The beauty of custom breast forms is that they will stay put no matter which yoga poses you try.


Custom breast forms offer the most natural look and fit to give you confidence on the dance floor. As they fit comfortably inside mastectomy bras, they allow you to perform a wider range of movements so you can move uninhibited on the dance floor. There are many aerobics-based dance classes to choose from that offer a great cardiovascular workout. Or, simply turn on your favorite tunes and move around your home. You will still enjoy the health benefits of dance no matter where you are.

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Wearing Custom Breast Forms While Exercising

When it comes to comfort, custom breast forms offer the most realistic appearance and weight of any prosthetic. However, exercising can cause breast forms to shift out of place and ruin your balance and symmetry. Follow these simple tips to keep your custom forms in place while exercising this winter.

1.Use a Sports Mastectomy Bra

Custom breast forms mimic your natural breast, so it is important to wear breast forms with a bra for better support and comfort. Sports mastectomy bras not only offer support for your custom breast forms with interior pockets, but they also support your posture and upper body while exercising. Look for a sports mastectomy bra that features cups that reduce bounce, ergonomic back panels, and wide adjustable straps.

2.Position the Custom Breast Forms Correctly

Custom silicone breast forms are designed to contour to the shape of your body for form-fitting comfort and a more natural appearance. However, you need to position the breast prosthesis correctly to achieve the most comfortable fit. For women who have had a lymph node removal, ensure that the tapered edge fits securely under your arm to prevent slipping while exercising.

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Final Thoughts

When resuming any activity after breast surgery, it is important to consult your doctor. Find out more about our custom breast forms for breast cancer survivors by calling A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe on (954)-568-8904. We are happy to contact your insurance company on your behalf to determine whether you are covered for custom breast forms and mastectomy products.

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