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"From Radical to Reconstruction"

"From Radical to Reconstruction"

Post Mastectomy Supplies

You may be wondering what post mastectomy supplies you will need after your surgery to make your recovery as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

At A Fitting Experience, our staff of expert fitters is happy to help during this often confusing process and make your transition back into everyday life as seamless as possible.

This is why we offer an extensive array of post-mastectomy supplies from online retailer that are specifically curated and fitted for you by our certified staff.

Compression bras

Compression bras are an essential piece of your arsenal for the recovery period following a mastectomy.

We offer fitting services for a full line of high-quality compression bras in a variety of colors and styles, including the popular Anita post-surgical bra. These bras help facilitate your healing process by increasing blood circulation and lowering the amount of fluid build-up around surgical sites.

By choosing one of the compression bras that we offer, you can be confident you are investing in your healing process with a bra that is top-tier in both comfort and function.

Comfortable camisoles

We also offer a vast array of tank tops and camisoles for post-surgical care, such as the Wear Ease® post-surgical camisole for recovery.

This camisole prioritizes comfort, from the structure of the straps to the fiber of the cotton. It has a built-in shelf bra as well as optional foam breast forms and removable drainage pouches.

The touch of lace in the front adds a hint of femininity to keep you feeling beautiful.

Impressive selection

In addition to compression bras and camisoles, we also offer compression belts and individual drain pouches, as well as a large selection of bras and breast forms specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Here at A Fitting Experience, we staff professionally trained fitters that are happy to discreetly and expertly fit you for recovery wear products and mastectomy bras. Let us provide you with the right post-mastectomy product, fitted to perfection.



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