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"From Radical to Reconstruction"

"From Radical to Reconstruction"

Mastectomy Bra Fitting Services

After a mastectomy, you have unique needs that specialist fitters, like those at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, are uniquely qualified to fill! We offer mastectomy bra fitting services to provide you with what you need to care for your new body.

A personalized fitting experience

When it comes to mastectomy bras, fit is everything. Without the right fit, you won’t be able to take advantage of the many special features that are built into mastectomy bras to ensure lasting comfort and security for daily wear.

This is why we offer personalized fittings at our South Florida location. Our staff has been specifically trained to help you in a professional, respectful, and discreet manner. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we look forward to helping you find exactly what you need and ensuring that your new wardrobe fits you as perfectly as possible.

Breast form variety

We offer a selection of breast forms of all shapes and sizes with our custom-fit bras from the impressive range of options at online retailer

The variability of breast forms on offer enables you to comfortably sport your favorite styles and balance out your new body. These forms are compatible with our mastectomy bras, slipping easily into the secure, bilateral pockets.

We can also help to install foam forms into your favorite leisure bras to act as perma-forms, affording balance to your silhouette even during downtime.

Bras according to you

We can help you fit bras of any style for any purpose, including soft, wire-free options ideal for post-surgical comfort or mastectomy sports bras to get you back in the gym.

A range of colors and styles are available to choose from at online retailer to give you the freedom of choice you need when finding the perfect bra for you.

Visit today and let our staff of licensed, professional American Board for Certification or BOC Certified Fitters help you find the right breast forms, mastectomy bras, post-surgical camisoles, or other mastectomy apparel to suit your needs.



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