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"From Radical to Reconstruction"

"From Radical to Reconstruction"

Bras for Cancer Patients

After breast cancer surgery, you may be left wondering: Are there bras for cancer patients that are still comfortable and sexy? The answer is a definitive “YES!”

Breast cancer survivors can find bras and other undergarments that can help restore self-confidence and look attractive at the same time.

Right after surgery

In the immediate post-surgery period, mastectomy camisoles and recovery bras are often the best option for hiding bandages and prioritizing your comfort.

Both options typically come with internal pockets that are compatible with drainage tubes and bags and foam prostheses to provide a natural silhouette. They also often feature easy-to-manage front closures for women with a limited range of motion.

Six weeks (or so) later

With doctor approval, most women can begin wearing post-mastectomy bras that are made specifically for their new needs about six weeks post-surgery.

Unlike standard bras, few of these bras utilize underwire to optimize comfort. But this does not mean a lack of support! Fully adjustable straps give you the option of customizable support while wider underbands offer comfortable, secure support from below.

Many mastectomy bras feature a higher bust rise to conceal scarring and keep breast prosthesis in pace.

The new, stylish, sensual you

Comfort is the absolute priority, as we understand that many individuals may be dealing with painful scarring and nerve issues. However, we firmly believe this should not compromise your style. Intimates are available in all colors, shapes, sizes, and styles so you can fall in love with your new body over and over again.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe has more than 20 years’ experience fitting bras for cancer patients. We carry a large selection of top brands, like Coobie, Jodee, Amoena, and Classique and know we can find a bra for you that will not only meet your expectations but also help you feel beautiful in the process.

Let us provide you with the right post-mastectomy product, fitted to perfection.



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